We are experienced local builder who has been working in San Francisco area for 10 years. Proof of our fine craftsmenship is a long list of satisfied customers who appreciate our approach to remodeling and new construction. More specifically, we're proud of every single job we've done and the attention to detail that we pay to every project. Read more


Your new deck not only adds more living space to your home, it adds more leisure to your life! Fine Construction's portfolio of decks is a reassuring testament to our philosophy of quality and customer satisfaction.

Every new deck is built with care and attention to detail. Our deck clients can tell you how satisfied they are with our unique craftsmanship.

Your deck or patio will fulfill your expectations with careful planning. Thorough planning means setting clear goals, establishing a budget, being familiar with the construction process, and making informed decisions that keep the project running smoothly.

Fine Construction will help you throughout the entire process. First, we'll begin planning by making sketches. The sketches record your thoughts, work out the scale and proportion of various design ideas, and visualize details. The most important reason to make sketches is to communicate your ideas to us and the other professionals who may be part of the project team.

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